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    With AI-based retinal imaging analysis, Airdoc provides hospital's ophthalmology departments, examination centers, endocrine departments, cardiology departments, obstetrics departments, and community clinics with assistive diagnoses and health risk assessments. This technology enhances the effectiveness of diagnoses and treatments and aids quantitative management of chronic diseases.

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    Product Description

    AirDoc Advantages:

    Enhanced diagnoses and treatment

    With accuracy equivalent to an ophthalmology specialist. Quick detection and enhanced diagnostic efficiency.

    Improved academic ability

    Scientific research empowered by multi-dimensional data. Opportunity to expand multiple departments and engage in clinical research for many kinds of diseases.

    Adaptable to numerous kinds of hardware

    Adaptable to numerous brands and models of fundus cameras. Independently developed smart portable fundus camera that combines software and hardware.

    Quantitative health management

    Quantitative analysis for lesions and physiological structures. Quantitative analysis for the risk of chronic diseases and continuous comparisons drawn from a patient’s medical history.

    Data visualization

    Breaking down barriers that hinder sharing data by creating links across departments and administrative levels. Visual report of the data available on multiple terminals.

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