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    Cardio Explorer

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    The non-invasive test reliably detects life-threatening narrowing of the coronary arteries (coronary artery disease), the main cause of heart attacks, and provides safety for both physician and patient.

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    Product Description

    Advantages for medical professionals

    Highest accuracy (AUC of 0.87)

    With an Area Under the Curve (AUC) of 0.87, the Cardio Explorer has an accuracy comparable to the best imaging techniques.

    No process adjustment necessary

    Cardio Explorer calculates the pre-test probability required by medical guidelines (ESC 2019) with higher precision than existing methods.

    Risk stratification: Relieving the burden of care.

    Cardio Explorer enables precise risk stratification of patients with suspected CHD. This conserves scarce specialist resources and treats patients efficiently.

    Broad validation in high and low prevalence populations.

    Cardio Explorer has been validated in three clinical trials with over 2,000 patients, in high and low prevalence populations, and showed tremendously high accuracy in all studies (AUC of 0.87). The broad validation is a prerequisite for use in primary diagnostics and prevention.

    Personalized medicine

    CHD reflects a system-wide and highly complex pathophysiology that requires a comprehensive combinatorial assessment of all risk factors. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows efficient and personalized assessment.

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